No pain.
More gain.

Meet Zone Mouthguard. Our patented no-boil technology means zero pain, custom fit mouth protection for a fraction of the cost, and increased athletic performance. Get your Zone Mouthguard today.

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neon green and clear plastic trio of zone mouth guards
disassembled view of zone mouth guarddisassembled view of zone mouthguard
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No boiling, no pain

Our patented, zero-pain technology makes the old-school method of boiling plastic a thing of the past.
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Custom Fit, Low Cost

Ditch the dentist office, and get a mouthguard that's custom fitted to your mouth for a fraction of the price.
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Increased Performance

The relationship between aligned jaw posture and increased muscular strength for athletes is real.
On-Demand Mouthguards

No boiling.

Boiling a plastic mouthguard to 200°F and putting it directly in your mouth sounds crazy, right? That's because it is. Our patented technology gives you a perfect fit from anywhere, without the stove and the pain of boiling.

white and neon green zone mouthguard putty for mixing

Start by mixing our two proprietary materials together until you form a uniform consistency.

neon green putty being rolled into a log

Next, use your hand like a rolling pin to flatten the material into a tube shape about 3 inches long.

neon green putty log packed into zone mouthguard

Firmly pack the tube-like material into the empty mouthguard chamber.

neon green putty mold inside zone mouthguard with bite marks

Gently but completely bite down on the mouthguard for 60 seconds. That's it. Just like the pros do it.

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Science-Backed Performance

Aligned jaw for peak performance.

From better balance and flexibility to more air intake, scientific studies have proven there's a real relationship between increased athletic performance and MORA (Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance, A.K.A. Zone Mouthguard). We're bringing that scientific advantage to athletes everywhere.

Dr. David Frey headshot, white male with suit and tie

Dr. David Frey is Beverly Hills top cosmetic dentist, the inventor and founder of Zone Mouthguard, and a public influencer advocating for MORA science and technology. You might have seen his work featured on TLC™, NBC™ and in People™ Magazine.

Amazing Feedback

As seen at Dick's Sporting Goods.

After finding success at retail stores, we decided to bring our technology to the masses. Your support was unprecedented, and we wanted to take a minute to show off.

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Sunland, CA

"This product was easy to make, and it fits really snug. It took me less than 5 minutes to make, and I was able to make it right on the field. I love it! I'm a soccer player, and I feel more flexible when I play with it, too.

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New Braunfels, TX

"Both of our boys play sports, and we have a lot of $$$ invested in their teeth. This was easy to use, especially after bad results with the boil and form mouthguards we used in the past. When you consider the custom fit and the teeth it protects, i's totally worth every penny!"

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Champagne, IL

"I can't believe it took this long for a company to invent a better mouthguard for athletes. It's extremely easy to mold, and it fits my 14 year old great. She's worn it for 3 weeks of practice now and says it's super comfortable in her mouth."

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Sarasota, FL

"I play recreational soccer and decided to try wearing a mouthguard. I wore mouthguards as a kid, but I hated having to boil them and they never fit right, so I figured I would give this mouthguard a try. Very easy to make, great fit, and even looks good!"

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Sarasota, FL

"This mouthpiece is really easy to mix together and mold. My sons says it fits his mouth perfectly, and he's able to talk with it in. He has played a lot of football and has gone through many mouthpieces, and he says it's the best mouthpiece he has ever had"

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Harrisburg, PA

"We're a little bit old school, so being labeled as a "no boil" mouthguard concerned us a little bit. But, our son was completely set on this exact one so we got it. We're very pleased with it. It's easy to mold, and it carries dental insurance."

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Rhode Island, MA

"I bought this on the way to a lacrosse game, and it took maybe 5 minutes to be ready to use. It's wayyyyy easier and less painful than a boiled mouthguard. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than the Shock Doctor brand mouthguards. Worth every penny for me."

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Get a custom fit and increase your performance without the boiling and high price tag.

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